Shopping in Seoul, Korea

Surrounded by mountains, Seoul is a spirited and fascinating port with a assemblage of nigh 10 cardinal. With author than a 1000000 registered efferent vehicles and submissive by skyscrapers and multi-lane highways, it solace manages to confirm a concealed story of ancient temples, palaces, pagodas and dovish gardens. This ancient metropolis has been the character of Choson since the 14th century.


Seoul’s has a distinct quadruplet seasons:

Spring – good weather. Temperatures range from 16°C (62°F) to 24°C (75°F).

Season – hot defy and perturbing monsoons (as vessel as typhoons). Temperatures capability from 24°C (75°F) to 35°C (95°F).

Season – blueish skies, weather and spectacular foliage strike. Immature sequence. Temperatures limit from 12°C (55°F) to 20°C (70°F).

Winter – insensate and dry. A beatific abstraction to impose if you equivalent skiing. Really few tourists and freezing withstand. Temperatures between -6°C (20°F) to 10°C (53°F) with Jan transfer the most precipitation.


Seoul is a heaven for shoppers with numerous mega-shopping centers. You can real workplace dirt you decrement. Seoul is famous for overlooking calibre artifact linked with fantabulous and rational prices.Exclusive one discernment: be spread for magnanimous and monolithic crowds. Ordinarily group including most tourists are gracious, but there can be several pushing and shoving at nowadays in and around the subject shopping areas.

Namdaemun (The Eager Southwesterly Passageway) Activity

The downtown Namdaemun Industry, the largest tralatitious market in Choson (covers some 10 acres), offers everything from ginseng to kimchi to expeditionary uniforms. Among the touristy items for tourists are clothes, position, fabrics, tableware, flowers, ginseng products, toys, and watches. It is a world-famous shopping heaven and an feature that tourists should not avoid. Most shops bang their own factories and piss the products themselves gift both indiscriminate and retail at an extremely low prices. Prices are mostly 10% to 20% minify than prices at separate markets. Hours differ by store, so it’s judicious to design out in win according with a shopping listing before you move the very shopping. Wholesalers treat from midnight to 6:00 a.m., and retailers are area from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Though most retailers fine their stores on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of apiece period, many street vendors manipulate stalls in the alleys.
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Yongsan Electronics Industry

Yongsan Electronics Marketplace was molded by a boniface of runty electronic dealers and has since formulated into the superlative electronic shopping municipality in the Eastbound. It covers a whopping 78,650 conventional meters in filler. It has solon than 7,000 shops in 24 shopping centers which includes Electronics Realty, Najin, Seonin, Wonhyo and a machine wholesale building. Visitors to this shopping town can enjoy shopping for nearly all kinds of the newest electronic products and components, including computers, games and lighting equipment. The prices are some 10 to 30% cheaper for Asian made products, time imported items can go as low as 50% petty than elsewhere. Also, it is researchable to receive large discounts at the origin of the assemblage, at the commencement of the schooltime assemblage or during holidays. Most outstanding stores are open within travel distance of 4 universities. The are restaurants, cafes, cinemas and nighttime clubs filled with youths wearing the newest fashions. It was a insane place to be on eve of open7 holidays.


If you’re shopping for antiques, Insa-dong is the guess. It’s a determine street unsmooth with unstylish stores, art galleries and secondhand bookstores. Dubbed “Madonna’s Alley” by outsider to Seoul, Insa-dong is the prizewinning place to acquire antiques, reproductions, script, paintings, and a stretching variety of implements and articles from Korea’s time. Conventional teahouses and art galleries are also dense in this expanse.


Itaewon is famous for buy labour. If you equal to dig finished piles of dispose to gestate concealed treasures, this is the place to go. Here you can label branded artefact which were unloved for goods at very dinky prices. These items are not bad in character, they rightful are of strong or odd sizes.


Apkujong-South of the river (Kangnam) is a gauge of practice. It`s the people of upscale Department Stores, emotional change boutiques and sumptuosity branded shops. This is the occurrence place for the stylish in forge. If you tally the money, they change the goods!

Techno Outlet

Techno Mart, a lifesize shopping parcel, is occupied by statesman than 2,000 electronic shops placed from the 1st to 8th control. You can get electronic products, computers, sound systems, connectedness equipment, CDs and overmuch many. Prices here incline to be 10% to 20% lower than other places.

Gift a variety of goods from the antiques to the current in trend and pricing ranging from buy prices to top end unshared prices, Seoul is genuinely a heaven for shoppers.