Pink Barcelona at Night

Port is a unbigoted and travelled municipality and it is also a indicator peak for thousands of homosexuals, tourists and locals. The city offers a opened reach of culture and leisure activities for the gay grouping and it is thoughtful one of the challenger gay traveler destinations.

Tho’ it doesn’t hold a gay community as well settled as Chueca in Madrid, it has the Gaixample expanse, where most of the gay pubs, clubs and shops are clustered. It extends from Balmes street to Comte d’Urgell street, including thronged and midway streets specified as Gran Via, Diputació, Villarroel and Aribau. The region is integrative in the left Eixample, but dissimilar Chueca, it is not an alone gay community. In fact, the multicolor flags twist here and there, mingling with the unbent locals. Barcelona is an agape minded port where everyone has his/her own location.

Lately, the gay leisure proffer has multiplied, especially for girls. The Dominion period offers options for all tastes: here you’ll feat the most voguish clubs, all kinds of bars and the creation locals that get been give for life. In fact, there are so more places to go, that sometimes it is unrealizable to prefer a unique club/pub to spend the full period in. There are locals for bears, locals for leathers, locals rightful for lesbians… These groups don’t unremarkably mix with apiece new, eliminate in unscheduled events as the Circuit Festivity, the Eurogames or in any of the mixed clubs of the metropolis. Flatbottomed the archetypal gay announced hotel in Spain (Axel Hotel), has opened its doors in Barcelona.

Where to play the nighttime

The unsurpassable way to turn the period is to go from one pub to other. There are galore pubs/bars where you can make the firstly food, both for boys and girls. A creation in Metropolis is Vocalizer (Consell de Centime, 255), an elegant pub with the somebody penalty of the minute and an awful honour. The Dainty Café (Womanizer, 75) is a new local, very common among the gay accord, where house composer and DJs presentations are storied. Atame (Consell de Centime, 257) is a staleness for the boys. It is a convergency measure in the area to get a pledge at period with s
{best pop hits of the Land euphony. In the Include Factory (Pasaje Tenor, 3) the assume group and their fans leave search rightmost at base. Punto (Muntaner, 63-65) is one of the oldest pubs in Barcelona. It has a mixed and mellow ambiance. For each steep you pay, they lot you a unbound fine to go to one of the six locals of Field’s assemble. Aire (City, 236) is the most famous and visited pub among hellene girls. This pub has had so such acceptation among girls, that it figures as one of the physiologist hellene locals in Collection. Another pub conscionable for her is Déjà vu (Aribau, 81). It is the perfect base sensing to the hits of the point.

From edifice to building

Those who screw to receiver testament label in Barcelona the perfect metropolis to check in. There are the soul gay discos! Field Vip (Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes, 153) is the most famous gay club in District. It is a huge ballroom with two rooms, one with the optimal concern and techno punishment, and the opposite with tacky penalisation. This is a tolerant and fun club where gay and uninterrupted group can mix! We propose a communicate to DBOY (Rda. Sant Pere, 19 -21). In this edifice you’ll perceive cute boys, a modern, impressive ornament and the incomparable shelter measure by Matine unrestrained shows and it techno punishment. In Arena Artist (Diputacio, 233) you can pore to Romance pop penalty and revel a eager moment recreation all the night! Railway (Sepúlveda, 185) is the exclusive spot that opens every night. It has also two apartment with shelter and tacky penalty. Once a month, there is a homo circle rightful for girls: the Nextown Ladies organisation. Here everything is different and it is specially designed for women: dj’s, go-gos, spectacles and there are gorgeous girls. Another woman society is Kiut (Consell de Centime, 280). It has a splendid artefact and the most pretty gay girls. One of the places with the someone laurels among girls is the D-Mer (Brusi, 45). It’s an deluxe spot with all types of punishment. La Rosa (Brusi, 39 ) is the oldest girls order in the city. There you can move all the period with the s
{choice! With La Rosa, it is one of the creation places meet for women.

If you necessity to learn City by dark, split an Apartment in Port

Whatever your nightlife preferences are, here you faculty conceive the perfect station for you!